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Girls Just Wanna Go Run

To help raise the funds for her place on our Borneo Trek , Katie Westgate persuaded 3 friends to join her on the Beachy Head Marathon

They wrote ... Just 4 girls running the Beachy Head marathon, 26 miles with minimal training .. no biggy!?

Are we crazy? Many would think so!

Why are we doing it? This is why;

Supporting our local Charity ‘You Raise Me Up’ which helps families with emotional and financial support when it comes to the loss of a child.

This charity has helped so many families through one of life’s most traumatic events. No one expects to bury their own child.

We don’t want these families to ever feel alone so we want to raise money and help such a powerful and inspiring charity that is close to everyone’s heart!

They did it through the wind on the Downs. 8 hours!

Well done Belinda, Charlotte, Tanya & Katie

Thank you Girls! Amazing friends

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