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Join Our Biggest Ever Brighton Half Marathon Team

10 reasons to Run for You Raise Me Up’s10th Anniversary

1.     Raise funds for YRMU - Using a personal challenge to raise funds for YRMU is an amazing thing. A few pounds from your family and friends can quickly mount up and help YRMU to be able to continue to provide emotional and mental health to families after the death of a child aged 16-25.

2.     Raise awareness of YRMU – Like allcharities we have faced large losses from the impact of Covid-19, so in 2021 and our 10th Anniversary particularly we need the help of fundraising from challenge events just like the Brighton Half to keep services running.However it’s not just about money, but awareness too. As a YRMU Runner you can wear a charity vest provided by us, set up a Virginmoneygiving page and share your journey on your multiple social media channels. For every person who sees your challenge, someone is learning about the charity and our cause. Raising awareness can be just as key as raising funds, and this awareness could have a long-term impact. You inspire new supporters and new fundraisers, and before you know it one action has triggered hundreds more just like yours.

3.     Get motivated - Let’s be honest, running a half marathon is hard! There may be moments when you doubt yourself and reconsider whether the early morning winter runs, the slips on the ice and the pressure to get fitter are worth it. In fact, we see a huge drop-out rate ofrunners because they haven’t trained enough or couldn’t brave the brisk weather on race morning. As a YRMU charity runner is lacing up their running shoes for the cause, for their family and friends that have sponsored them, for the impact they know they will have on people who need help the most. You are running for those who can’t – what’s better motivation than that?

4.     Gain a support network - When that motivation is slipping, we need people around us to support our goal and tellus to keep going. To provide us with advice, tips and opportunities to help us soldier on. Running for YRMU means you are part of a team that is supporting each other to achieve a common goal.

5.     Make new friends – Joining our charity team is a fantastic way to meet new people and make friends. You already have two things in common: you like running and you care about YRMU– that’s a good start! When allowed - Runners often share training runs and arrange regular meet ups. We have a dedicated marquee on race day where you can meet other runners and start the race together.

6.     Get added extras - Not only do you have the support of your friends, family and fellow runners, but you also have the full support of YRMU. We provide a branded running vest as part of the fundraising pack, regular emails of encouragement, the chance to purchase branded merchandise, pre-event meet ups, race day hospitality, cheer teams along the course and post-race reception

7.     Tick off something from your life ‘to do list’- For many, running a half marathon is an experience they have never felt before – the buzzing atmosphere as thousands of runners wait eagerly at the start line, the roaring cheers from the crowds, the emotional ups and downs of the course, the feeling of determination as you resist the urge to give up, the elation as you cross the finish line, the pride as you receive your medal, the gratitude of a goody bag and a massage at the end! Running for charity enhances every moment, starting with team mates on a common mission, crowds chanting the name on your charity running vest, the motivation to keep going for those who are relying on you to finish, the euphoria of knowing you have made adifference to more than one life when you crossed that finish line and receive that medal for every person you fundraised to help.

8.     Improve your health & wellbeing - Whether you are running to shift a few extra pounds, boost your overall fitness levels, tone up for summer, clear your mind or just need a hobby, running the BrightonHalf Marathon is a great opportunity to reach your goal, whatever that may be.Motivation and support are key to achieving our goals, so running for YRMU to give you the best chance of succeeding!

9.     Feel happier - Doing good makes you fee lgood, right? And that’s not the only reason running for YRMU can make you happier. It’s a social activity, and studies have shown that socialising can decrease feelings of depression and boost feelings of well-being. Running itself is fantastic for our mental health, it also combats depression, improves our capacity to learn new information, alleviates anxiety, helps us sleep and can even boost self-esteem. But you need to stick at it, so you need that motivation and support to reap the benefits.

10.   Do something different -If we did the same things everyday, life would get a bit dull. Fundraising for charity opens up a world of opportunities to do weird and wacky things, tackle new challenges, have new experiences and meet new people. Often the colder months at the start of the year can be a time we slip into mundane routines of staying indoors especially now with restrictions, watching tv and eating junk food. Why not make a change this year: register to run for YRMU in the Brighton Half Marathon in June and train through the winter and spring-who knows what opportunities and experiences you will unlock!

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