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The Sammysauruses!

Hannah Richards, Rose Akerman, Bethany Dickens, Mark Coward, Will MacKenzie and Martin Hodgson took part in Tough Mudder in mem0ry of Sam Richards.

They wrote “Last year we tragically lost one of our closest friends, Sam Richards. Sam was part of our extremely close-knit group of friends who talk every day and have known each other for years. It was an absolute heartbreak to hear of Sam’s death for all his friends and family and loved ones; This is something we will all struggle to come to terms with for the rest of our lives.

Sam was the happiest person to be around and could always be counted on to bring you to stitches of laughter. He was an invaluable part of our friendship group and will never leave our memory through all of the love he has given us in the time we have known him.

During this extremely saddening time, a local charity, ‘You Raise Me Up’ have given the very best support to his close family for which we are extremely grateful for. As a thank you, we would like to try and raise as much money as we can for this incredible charity to help them continue doing the remarkable work of helping other families that are going through similar experiences.

So for Sam, we are going to push ourselves to the limit and make complete fools out of ourselves in memory of simply the best person by participating in a gruelling tough mudder course that will involve running a half-marathon on top of 20 exhausting obstacles, all through mud! We’ve chosen tough mudder as we thought Sam will laugh through the whole thing while we push ourselves through the course.”

They did it raising an awesome £1835! Thank you so much xx

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